Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Christmas Tree

I know Christmas is over, but these thoughts came to me before Christmas and I'm just getting around to writing them out.  Those who know me or have read some of my other posts know that many times random thoughts about random things come into my mind at random times, and that's just what this is.
I have been struggling with the Lord lately, some of it I'm sure comes from the pain I have been dealing with with my wrists, especially my right, even writing this is very difficult.  I just went to a wrist specialist today and she thinks it might be from arthritis.  I have some other tests and things to do for a more specific diagnosis.  So I struggle because I can't really use that hand for much without lots of pain.  I have been discouraged and frustrated because this makes me feel helpless and useless, along with the feeling of just constant pain.  Am I going to be able to feel normal again? Am I going to be able to do the things that I love, or even just normal things again?  And then Satan has also managed to throw in doubts- what if it doesn't heal completely, what about things that I love and enjoy, or what about desires and dreams that I still have, am I destined just to be a lonely, old lady for the rest of my life, not even able to fulfill my purpose or any purpose for that matter? I was driving around thinking about this when the Lord brought the Christmas Tree to my mind...
The Christmas tree lives out in the forest and just lives its life...basking in the sunshine, drinking up the rain, growing bigger and stronger each year with its other tree family and friends.  It enjoys the birds and other animals that often come to visit.  It even enjoys the beautiful snowflakes that come to cover its branches each winter.  Of course too much sun or rain or snow can become a burden for it at times, but it learns to appreciate them.  It would deal with other struggles as it would sadly see some of its family and friends cut down and taken away from it. But then the worst thing that the tree thought could happen did, the Christmas tree itself was cut became very discouraged.  It felt pain as it was thrown on a truck bed with many other trees around and on top of it.  At its new destination it just felt cold and lonely, it no longer had the soft, warm earth around it or the sweet creatures that used to visit, it had been removed from all that it knew well, and it wondered what was left for it as it sat on the cold lot.  One day that Christmas tree was surprised when someone picked it up and strapped it to the top of a car.  It was nervous, not knowing what was going to happen.  Eventually that car stopped at a house and that tree was carried inside where it was nice and warm.  It was placed in a nice holder and was given a nice drink, which was very welcome.  Then the people in the house crowded all around it and placed warm lights on it, and then placed beautiful decorations all around it on its branches.  As they did this the family was talking and laughing and enjoying each other, which made the tree feel even more warm.  The family then placed a lovely piece of fabric along the bottom of the tree, this made the tree feel very cozy.  For days the Christmas tree enjoyed being in the home with the family as they laughed, shared, sang, and prayed around that tree, making many precious memories.  Never had the tree felt so wonderful and special.  When it thought it had been cut down and not worth much to anyone, there was a greater purpose that it had to fulfill that it never even imagined.  This brought such a great joy to the tree more than it had ever felt before.
I felt that was a sweet reminder from the Lord that He never said anything was over and He still has a purpose and plans for me, even through this uncomfortable time.  It is all part of His wonderful plan for my life.  His plans are not my plans, His ways are not my ways...all I need is to trust Him and to allow myself to be used by Him to fulfill the purpose He has for me.
Thank you, Lord for this sweet reminder.  Help me not to believe or fall for Satan's lies.  While I have life in my body I know that I am here for some purpose, help me not to lose sight of that, and help me to fulfill it.