Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you for thinking of me and praying for me in the middle of the night and early morning hours. Thanks for allowing me to share desires, needs,and hurts without judging me. Thank you for taking the time to listen, not just rush me on...for taking the time to care and taking the time to share with me. Thank you for even in my ugly times, still being a friend. Thank you for choosing to understand my hurts, and for helping me through them with such wisdom. Thank you for realizing what I may be dealing with and encouraging me, not just trying to make me feel better and agreeing with wrong things, but helping me handle the tough things in the right way. Thank you for sharing what I need to hear, when I need to hear it and in a way that is kind and caring. Thank you also for not just saying the words that you think will make you sound more spiritually correct, but listening to what needs to be shared with me. Thank you for sharing wonderful Scriptures with me to remember at different points. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used in such a special way in my life. Thank you for making me feel special to you. Thank you for being a wonderful friend. Thank you for being real with me, not trying to be something more than just who and what you are...not trying to push me to some feeling that may not be real for me at the time. Thank you for letting God use you to be such a blessing to me. Thank you for these and many other things!!! You know who you are.......thank you!!


  1. Thank you for having a servants heart. Thank you for asking for prayer and being transparent to those who love you. Thank you for showing others it's o.k. to ask questions when going through adversity, because you are seeking God's will and purpose for your life. Thank you for smiling through your tears assuring us you will be fine. Thank you for being a godly woman who just wants to make a difference in the lives of others, especially the children. Thank you for perservering. Most of all thank you for being you! I love you!

  2. Wow, wasn't expecting that at all!! Thank you! You blessed my heart!

  3. Love you, too, girl! Thank you!!